About Us

We are a boutique sustainability advisory firm based out of Dubai Science Park, acting as the extended sustainability arm of organizations, who require continuous guidance in strategy, implementation, monitoring and control of sustainability activities. We work as Think Tanks for organizations, assisting them in defining the right sustainability initiatives at the right times and helping execute these programmes with the specialized vendors.

Our experience and expertise on the entire life-cycle of real estate projects, makes our approach to sustainability holistic, comprehensive and economics driven; and guided by the principles of LEEDâ„¢ and GRI. Historically, our work has always focused on operating expense reduction through energy and water conservation projects; and recently helping organizations to transition to IoT regime for their real estate O&M. carbon footprint reduction is a direct outcome of our work.

We help organizations create a sustained sustainability programme with appropriate and adequate KPIs, supported by a well designed Implementation Plan that generates economically, environmentally and socially rewarding outcomes. We help organizations create sustainability projects that add value to the business, are not ad-hoc and have strategic alignment with their business goals.

The framework of our recommendations is built around our experience and expertise in Design; Development; Operation & Maintenance; Management Strategy; Sustainability Excellence; Energy, Water and Waste Management; Carbon Footprint; LEED; Global Reporting Initiative; M2M, IoT and National Sustainability Strategies. Bringing all of these together for organizations who are unsure how to go about sustainability, is our service model.

Ultimately, we work towards making UAE Green Economy for Sustainable Development, UAE Vision 2021, Dubai Plan 2021 and Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 successful through our collaborative with various organizations. Although incorporated in October 2015, the Founder has been advising and implementing sustainability strategies for organizations in the UAE, since January 2000, in his various capacities