Our service model can be generally captured as follows:

  • Management strategy for sustainability captured in a Sustainability Policy that will focus on the strategies, timelines and KPIs for the following:
  • Energy efficiency, Water efficiency, Waste management, Renewable energy, Carbon footprint, Smart O&M, Employee awareness and role development program, Vendor Responsibilities
  • Alignment of organization with various National and City sustainability Visions like UAE Vision 2021, Dubai Plan 2021 and Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.
  • Sustainability strategy Implementation Plan including key stakeholders and their roles
  • Sustainable Development Excellence Model that the organization will utilize as a guide in its path to sustainability.
  • Benchmarking matrix/ matrices enabling homogenous and harmonized comparison of performances of multiple facilities and KPIs for each initiative for individual facilities.
  • Design Development Guidelines for New Construction, Renovations and Interior Fit-outs.
  • High-level scope definition for specific conservation projects and cost benefit analysis.
  • Strategy for transitioning to Smart O&M, Big Data Mining and creation of Business Intelligence, all targeted towards reducing operational costs, reducing operational distress and ensuring business continuity
  • Sustainability Report in accordance with the GRI framework.